Heidi Datillio

Heidi Dattilio, President

The Pampered Pup Grooming Salon


"Don't be afraid to take chances in life."

Why is Heidi a Chamber Member?

"I enjoy being a part of the great community where I grew up and raised my family."

Kim Sharshan

Kim Sharshan, Vice President

Columbiana Exempted Village School District


Joshua Dixon Elementary

c/o Kim Sharshan, Principal

333 North Middle Street

Columbiana, OH 44408

"If you have the power to make someone happy, do it. The world needs more of that."

Why is Kim a Chamber Member?

"I find joy in giving and who better to give to, than your own community."

Randall Hart

Randall D. Hart, Treasurer

New York Life


cell 330.719.7785


225 E State Rt 14, Ste 101

Columbiana, OH 44408

"Sometimes you win by not losing."

Why is Randall a Chamber Member?

"To contribute to the growth and prosperity of the Columbiana business community."

Erich Offenburg

Erich Offenburg, Executive Director

Columbiana Area Chamber of Commerce



"To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business and your business in your heart."

Why is Erich a Chamber Member?

"Business is the backbone of any successful community and I love our community!"

David Barbee

David Barbee

Joseph Bleacher

Joseph Bleacher

Legacy Christian Home Care



"Success is always inevitable! It takes Persistence, Assessment and the ability to Pivot."

Why is Joseph a Chamber Member?

"To contribute my skills and talents to the growth of the Community of Columbiana."

Jane Boeher

Jane A Bohrer

The Rustic Birdcage



13 E Park Avenue

Columbiana, OH  44408

"Family is everything."

Why is Jane a Chamber Member?

"I've always admired this town, and those who work so hard to help keep it beautiful. I want to help build our community and bring prosperity to Columbiana. I absolutely love it here and it's full of truly good-hearted people. I want to be a part of it. It's a beautiful town to be proud of."

Carol Cobbs

Carol Cobbs

Columbiana Public Library



Chris Davis

Deann Davis

Deann Davis

Renee Durbin

Renee Durbin

Factory 46 Tavern


1118 Village Plaza

Columbiana, OH 44408



Why is Renee a Chamber Member?

"I hope as a Chamber Director, we are helping local small businesses expand their exposure and bring increased growth to their business and to our community."

Nicole Ice

Nicole Ice

Chaney Nezbeth

Chaney Nezbeth

The Way Station


769 Springfield Road

PO Box 449

Columbiana, OH 44408

"Just because you haven't done it, doesn't mean you can't do it."

Why is Chaney a Chamber Member?

"I believe that volunteering should not be optional, so I practice what I preach."

Doug Nybell

Doug Nybell

Rhonda Pahanish

Rhonda Pahanish

Paul Rance

Paul Rance

Deb Salmen

Jacob Sevek

Jacob Sevek

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